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Are you searching for the best tailor in Singapore to get your favorite outfits stitched? Well, this is true that finding a good tailor is like finding a priest. This is a very daunting task. One mistake can cost you high plus it can spoil your mood. So, to get the best results you need to hire professional graduation tailor that can make an off-rack suit look bespoke.
In this blog, you will be going to familiar with the certain points that will help you in finding the right tailor. Have a look!

1. Others Recommendation
If you see anyone of your friend is wearing a beautiful dress with right fitting, don’t get hesitate in asking where he/she goes for stitching. This can save your time while searching the best tailors. You don’t need to wander here and there.

2. Face to face Meeting
Once you have selected the right tailor for you now jump to the next step and that is face to face meeting. While talking to him listen to him/her carefully and also don’t get shy in asking about the price as tailoring takes time and if the price is high, it is perhaps too good for a reason. Further, if he/she is not able to take out to 15min time for you that means he is not right for you.

3. Let him show you some samples
Best custom tailors always keep samples with them so as to show their customers how they work. Being a customer it’s your duty to check the fabric. Take some of fabric and squeeze it.

4. Test Him
If you fine with above steps, the next and last step is to take a test of your tailor. Give him some piece of cloth to get a stitch done and ask him the last date of submission. This will give you an idea of his work and dedication towards his work.
Thus, if you find everything fine, hurry and hire him ASAP!

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