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Tailoring is a complete repertory and that includes measuring, scissoring and stitching. Now, it’s not as simple as it may sound because of the precision involved. We, at Ron Master Tailor Singapore take tailoring to new heights. A team of Ron Master bespoke tailors Singapore work with our very experienced seamstresses at our centers making everything from bespoke  suits to shirts for both men and women. Our collection for rental clothes and tailoring solutions are extensive.

Our Tailoring Solution



Wool Cashmere Mink Silk


Grey Suit With Tie








Rent a Tux

Our catalogue has a special section for rental suits. With us you will find tuxedos of all styles and fit. Give us your measurement and we will send you back items from our collection that matches your size. Also, if you want tuxes of any specific style, do let us know and we’ll accumulate the options for you.


We are also into shoes and belts. Since customization is not as common in these two products, we thought it would be a nice idea to allow our buyers to customize their accessories as they please. Right from the color to kind of leather, the stitch style, material of sole, everything can be handpicked and put together with us.

Online Tailoring With Us

Custom Shirts tailors at Ron Master Tailor Singapore have brought local tailoring to your homes. Basing our operations on the model of distance tailoring, we cater to a large population of customers all over Singapore. Our tailors guarantee the originality for each of the pieces they make. As for the fit, suits and shirts designed by our experienced Ron Master tailors have the best fit possible. Regardless of your choice of fabric and style of tailoring, perfect fitting is always a guarantee.


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