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Custom Tailor Suits in Singapore
We are aware of the steep pricing of designer tailors for custom men suits in Singapore. But, getting one doesn’t have to be that stressful for your pockets when you are shopping through us. Ron Master Tailor Singapore offers made-to-order custom suits tailors Singapore that are tailored to the last detail of preferences of our customers in Singapore.

Choose Your Own Fabric
Custom designing a tailor suit with us is cake. We leave it entirely in the hands of our Ron Master tailors and you to decide jointly how you would like it. We have at least 34 different varieties of fabric for suits. They come in diverse colors and their shades. Pick whichever fabric feels comfortable on your skin and color that flatters your complexion.

Pick Your Style
You can assemble the entire style of your suit right from the front to back, lapel to the stitch, sleeves to pockets, and more. As for the pants and vests, our custom suits tailors offer similar customizing opportunities. From pockets to belt loops, cuffs to pleats, we rest the decisions on you.
Decide on the Contrast
In contrast fabric, our choices are as abundant as the fabric of the coat. In our catalogue, you will find high-end choices of fabrics. Patterns like khaki bird eye, hounds tooth, solid colors are the mainstays in the list.
Give Us Your Measurements
Our suits tailors work with specific measurements. So, please be as accurate as possible when sharing the stats for best fit.