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I met Mr. Ron for the first time nearly 25 years ago in Singapore. I am now able to meet with him every year to order suits and shirts as he travels around Europe to visit clients. The thing that really stands out with Ron Master Tailors is the high quality and fantastic customer service. He makes the process very simple for those who know exactly what they want, but is also very helpful to those that have never ordered custom tailored clothes before. Ron is truly a master at what he does!



I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the quality and customer service that I personally, and the organization that I represent has received over the years in terms of tailoring. My name is Jim Coleman and I am the Executive Vice President for Special Marketing for Blue Travel Corp. We provide full and partial ship charters. Several years ago we brought a group to Singapore. I contacted Ron Master tailors to provide tailoring to our passengers. Our passengers were so pleased with the quality of the clothing purchased, and the customer service provided, that they requested that we engage his services for future cruises.As a result of that request, we have incorporated Ron’s service into our cruise charters. Ron has cruised with us on several of our international cruises on high end cruise ships and provided tailoring to our passenger base. In addition I personally and a number of our passengers purchase most of their clothing from Ron Master Tailors, and I might add with pleasure. To view the groups that we provide charters visit.


Jim Coleman
Vice President for Blue Travel Corp

I met RON first time in 1993, more than 20 years ago, at Far East Plaza. Since then, RON has delivered most of my shirts and suits with excellent quality and service. Especially during my time working in Asia, RON delivered high quality suits for my important business meetings. One time RON delivered on short notice a new suit for me to pickup at Changi Airport when I was on transfer. Great job!


Lars Bergqvist

I have known Ron at RON MASTER TAILORS for ten years. I have had suits, trousers, jackets and shirts of the best quality ordered and delivered as expected, and I have also visited Ron at his shop in Singapore. I have recommended Ron’s products to friends, and those who made orders have been 100 % satisfied with the products they received


Member of Parliament

Not every tailor is cut from the same cloth, for almost ten years now  I have engaged the personal services of Ron Masters tailoring for all my clothing needs and never been disappointed. Whetherbespoke suits, special design shirts, coats and jackets or the occasional ladies item the choice of cloth and tailored finish has been consistent and of a high quality.

In Singapore it is not easy but just as important to find the right Tailor as it is to engage the right Doctor, Dentist or Optician. At Ron Master Tailrs, the attention to suiting detail, fit of the shirt, choice of cloth and characteristic linings has provide a top class ´Signature´service from Raju , Dillip and Alan second to none in Orchard Plaza.

Even for a one piece customer design, Ron Master tailor has proved to be flexible, cost conscious and willing to include bespoke details that make the difference between made to measure and a more bespoke custom suit designed to fit. For overseas customers that are looking for a tailoring service that combines style with quality, Ron Master Tailors has always been and remains my first choice.


Best Regards
Gavin Menzies

We got back to Portugal late Friday.I would like to thank you again for your efficient “express” service and I am very happy to write my recommendation below.

My wife and I were extremely fortunate to find Jeannie J at Ron tailors.We were looking for expert custom-tailoring with only limited time available. Imagine how delighted we were to get 4 dresses completed in only 2 days !!!! The tailor measured my wife on our first visit,we had a “fitting” after one day and the dresses were completed on day 2. My wife immediately fell in love with the dresses —the fit was perfect and the tailor had done a brilliant job.I think you can find this kind of specialist “express” tailoring only in Singapore  and the shop is conveniently located on Orchard Road.
I would be happy to recommend this service to anyone looking for the unique style of custom-tailoring.
Thank you once again for doing such a great job,


best wishes,
Bruce and Izumi Davison

Gavin Menzies

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