Jim Coleman
Vice President for Blue Travel Corp

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on the quality and customer service that I personally, and the organization that I represent has received over the years in terms of tailoring. My name is Jim Coleman and I am the Executive Vice President for Special Marketing for Blue Travel Corp. We provide full and partial ship charters. Several years ago we brought a group to Singapore. I contacted Ron Master tailors to provide tailoring to our passengers. Our passengers were so pleased with the quality of the clothing purchased, and the customer service provided, that they requested that we engage his services for future cruises.As a result of that request, we have incorporated Ron’s service into our cruise charters. Ron has cruised with us on several of our international cruises on high end cruise ships and provided tailoring to our passenger base. In addition I personally and a number of our passengers purchase most of their clothing from Ron Master Tailors, and I might add with pleasure. To view the groups that we provide charters visit.

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