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Shirts Tailor in Singapore

Do readymade shirts always feel an inch too loose or a pinch too tight? You need to find yourself a good shirts tailor Singapore to get your shirts stitched to your measurements for all your future purchases. PLC Technologies Singapore brings to your affordable tailoring solutions for custom shirts. Catering to both men and women customers, we have developed our selection of styles and designs over the years through our team of efficient custom shirts tailor.
Customization with us is easy as it gets.

The Fabric

Pick your fabric from our catalogue. We have an extensive list of fabrics and we keep adding to it from time to time. Cotton, polyester, blend, linen, wool, etc., are the staple entries in our list.

The Color

Men are allowed to be as picky as women when it comes to choosing the color of their shirts. From milk white to fuchsia, tan brown to deep red, there is every shade in our swatch. We also have patterns like windowpanes, stripes, prints, etc. Pick as you like and our shirts tailors will get it stitched for you.

The Contrast

As for contrasts, our choices include inside and outside contrasts for collars and cuffs and plackets.

The Measurement

Our Ron Master tailors in Singapore work with your measurements. We request you to provide all the necessary measurements so they can stitch your shirt to your exact size.
We have women tailors for women shirts, pant suits and skirt suits of different styles and measurements.

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